mSpy – An ultimate mobile phone spying solution

mSpy is a first-rate spying software for Symbian, Blackberry, Android (Phones and tablets), Windows Phone, and iPhone Smartphones. It is a perfect tool for a person who wants to spy on someone’s phone, without being noticed. The extent of spying with the help of this magnificent tool is really wide, as you can spy on almost everything you want. For example, you can spy on the GPS location of that person, his emails, sms messages, browsing histories, surroundings, and many more. In short, this application is an expedient software product for someone’s mobile, as long as they are using it for good purpose.

You may find a number of mSpy reviews over the internet. Most of them would be very encouraging and positive. Most of these reviews are from the actual customers. However, you may find some very good written articles by the software experts and professionals. These are very helpful for a person to decide that whether or not he is going to buy it. Few actual customers, who are unable to use this software due to a number of reasons, and assume this amazing software application as a fraud application just like many others you found over the internet. This usually leads to the mSpy Scam rating on various websites. Moreover, if some professional people may find some flaws in this software, they are going to rate it as a swindle anyway.

How mSpy software works?

Well, just after the installation it starts working. Installation of this software is fairly simple, as you can download this software by the help of mobile phone built-in browsing software and install it on the compatible devices. After successful installation, it is now almost impossible to detect this software in the phone. However, being hidden it will start its work immediately. The working principle of this software is very simple. It actually records all the activities of the user of that particular mobile, and upload in an online account. Now, you don’t have to check that mobile personally to get the record, instead you only need a computer with an internet connection and a good internet browser in it, and check all the history reports submitted by the mSpy software in that account. Several features of this amazing application are described as following.

Can I locate the physical location by mSpy?


Yes, you certainly can. You will get the physical location sent by the mobile via mSpy on the Google Maps. Enabling Google Maps with this application increases the accuracy of location finding.

Can I read a text message?


Yes, you can. This software will not only record the timing of sending and receiving the messages over the phone, but also save the text content of both incoming and outgoing messages. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about deleting the actual message from the phone, because you already have the record of this message as soon as it arrives or sent from the phone.

Moreover, you are also able to identify the recipient number to which a particular message is sent. If that number doesn’t have name, you will definitely cannot see it, unless the mobile user name it, and now you can see it as well.

Can I get the call history as well?


Of course, it is possible. You can get the entire log file in the chronological order for both incoming, and outgoing calls via mSpy. You can also get the record of missed calls as well. Therefore, it is not necessary to attend the call to bring to the record. If there is a call from a number that is present in the phone memory and assigned a name, you can see that name as well.

Is it Possible to have call recording?

It is possible with this software to get the call recording for both outgoing and incoming calls. Some mSpy reviewer  stated that it is not possible with this software, but not all reviews are saying so.

What about the email? Can I have a record of them just like SMS messages?

Yes, it works the same way.

What is the extent of internet activity monitoring?

As far as the monitoring of the internet activities is concerned, all you need is the information regarding the web browsing from that mobile, and with the help of this software, you can have a complete data regarding the internet URL history along with the date and time. Moreover, you can also have a full record of the use of any IM or chatting tools used by the mobile phone user.

Can I get access to the normal mobile phone data?

With the use of mspy software, you can see things (videos and photos) present in the memory of mobile phone. It means that it not necessarily be linked or shared on the internet. Therefore, it is now possible to sneak in your target phone and retrieve their videos and pictures without even they know. Moreover, you can also have full access to the user address book and calendar. In this way, you can know the routine activities of that person, and know the contacts and their personal information about that person.

Positive aspects of using mSpy software

Now it is possible to keep a check on your kids, and employees. With the immense infiltration mobile phone technology, you cannot keep your kids away from these beasts. However, with the use of proper spying software, you can keep yourself informed about their activities through the phones. Moreover, unlike the past, you can have an idea about almost all of their secret and non-secret plans they are building with their friend outdoor. By knowing this, you can better handle your kids. However, you need to make sure that you are not going to make them realize that you are monitoring themselves via their phones. Similar things can be done, if you bugged your employee’s phones. Now you can have a better idea of internal politics and possible fake excuses about anything happens around in your company. It is really recommended to buy mSpy from there official website

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  1. Antonia

    Awesome… very easy to install software. Great support also. i really like the way it works. Highly Recommended.

  2. Tony

    No Doubt todays market mspy is the best cell phone tracker. just Buy it. but before u buy try have a chat with them. make sure that the cell phone you want to track is supporting the software or not.


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